Commission packaging proposal misses opportunity to build a truly sustainable future

360° Foodservice, the voice of manufacturers, distributors and users of both single use and reusable foodservice packaging and reuse systems in the EU, embraces the opportunity to build a truly circular single market for foodservice packaging that the Revision of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD) can bring. Our members understand the need for the foodservice sector to transition toward a new system based on a safe and sustainable balance between sensible single use and responsible reuse to serve food and drinks to European consumers. Convertors, providers and users of single use and reuse foodservice solutions are disappointed that the European Commission is missing an opportunity.

We expected the PPWD revision to provide support to move in that direction through science-based processes, realistic & ambitious objectives and appropriate timelines. All this, on a context-by-context level. Despite the disturbing precedent set by the Single Use Products Directive (SUPD), once again, the European Commission is failing the foodservice packaging sector and European consumers by not providing thoughtful and futureproof legislation that takes into account the complexity of our sector and truly supports the industry in the transition.

We understand the direction of travel. However, 360° Foodservice is concerned that the proposal is going too far too fast, without setting appropriate processes and enabling conditions and only focusing on setting arbitrary targets and bans, that have not been based on an in-depth context-by-context scientific analysis. We have serious concerns that proposed measures could:

  • result in poor and heterogeneous implementation in practice opening the doors to unscrupulous players rushing to set up low quality, unsafe and unsustainable reuse systems that would discredit reuse. What the sector needs is appropriate conditions to implement sustainable and safe reusable packaging systems made and supplied by European companies.

  • disrupt the foodservice sector, once again, by removing vital and sustainable single use options that will be needed now and in the future for many applications and contexts because of health, environmental or food safety reasons.

360° Foodservice urges the European institutions to listen to and understand the needs of the foodservice sector in order to enable a truly safe and sustainable transition toward sensible single use and responsible reuse.