We are 360° Foodservice

360° Foodservice unites companies that provide reuse and/or single use solutions for safely serving food and beverages to millions of Europeans every day, regardless of the materials that are used.

These manufacturers and distributors are joined by suppliers of raw materials, components and technology. 360° Foodservice also welcomes companies in the entire foodservice chain, including foodservice businesses, food delivery companies and end-of-life solution providers.

Together, these companies recognize that today’s changing lifestyles are significantly influencing the way we eat and drink. A new balance is emerging between consumption in and out-of-home, where convenience, health and safety and respect for the environment are the top priorities. We aim to contribute to that new world in a responsible, safe and sustainable way.

360° Foodservice wants European consumers to know that the items we manufacture, distribute and use are safe in every way, environmentally sound and ethically produced. Collection and recycling must be in place for single use items once they have done their job. Reusable items must be collected and sanitised before being used again, and recycled when they reach the end of their useful life.

360° Foodservice was formerly known as Pack2Go Europe. In the past, the focus of the association was entirely on single use packaging. The future will be built on a new balance between sensible single use and responsible reuse, always safe and sustainable. This is why the association fundamentally reoriented its vision and approach in 2020 to be in line with the needs and challenges of the new circular economy and the European Green Deal. The new brand reflects the association’s new vocation, membership and point of view.