Charter of Trust for Paper Drinking Straws

The modern paper drinking straw is a new highly engineered product that has become increasingly popular as a replacement for plastics straws, which are to be banned as of July 2021.

To support this transition, 15 companies from the supply chain belonging to the EU trade association 360° Foodservice have developed a Charter of Trust for Paper Drinking Straws. This lists the standards and legislative obligations that straw manufacturers and their supply chains must respect strictly in order to produce a legally compliant product, which is fit for purpose and safe.
Compliant products will soon be made visible in the market by a registered Trust Mark.

This initiative was launched two years ago when it became apparent that some products currently in circulation on the EU market do not always comply with European legislation aimed at protecting consumers. On the other end, European convertors, with the help of their supply chain, go the extra-mile to ensure their products are fully in-line with EU and national legislation.