360° Foodservice Guiding Principles

Food and beverages served or packaged for consumption out-of-home, on-the-go or for delivery directly to consumers have become an integral part of the active lifestyles of many Europeans. These drinks, snacks and meals are consumed every day by millions of people, allowing them to live the way they want to live.

Both single use and reusable solutions for serving food and drinks to consumers thus enable daily life (including healthcare) and a range of leisure activities that society desires and values, while ensuring hygiene and safety, comfort and convenience for both consumers and foodservice staff.

Members of 360° Foodservice are forward-looking providers of innovative single use and reusable products for serving food and drinks that provide the hygiene, choice and convenience that Europeans demand.

Like any product, system or service, single use and reusable solutions for serving food and drinks can have a direct and indirect impact on the environment, including on the climate. Leaders of the industry gathered in 360° Foodservice are committed to making measurable, documented progress in reducing this impact, to promoting more sustainable products and services and to achieving a circular economy in Europe in the spirit of the Green Deal for Europe.

Members of 360° Foodservice abide by a set of guiding principles and a series of commitments agreed among them and made publicly available.

Operation Standards

Specific commitments of Members